"It was very funny and I think we learned more than we could learn in 3 normal school weeks." (Pupil, Brandenburg)

"We had never had a European project at school before but now I know that there are also possibilities for us to travel around Europe and perhaps also to study. Please come again!“(Marek, Pupil, Warka Grammar School, Poland)

"For our school, the visit of Europe-Mobile was a big enrichment. Especially our pupils have been very impressed: they found it great to meet students from various countries. During the workshops, very important topics have been treated. Overall, it was a very good day for us.”
(Stéphane Lours, Deputy headmaster, Internat d’Excellence, Sourdun, France)

“The project provided me with new perspectives and teaching methods as well as the feeling that we are all part of Europe. The exchange with the pupils was fun and I am sure that we aroused their curiosity about Europe.”
(Teresa Herrmann, Student, Germany)

"Europe-Mobile provides a great opportunity to learn more about Europe with fun." (Pupil, Brandenburg)

"For me the journey across Poland was an amazing experience. Every day was different and involved new experiences. I was very touched by the warm welcome we received in the schools. I think we all learnt something, not only the pupils but also the students and the whole team.”
(Johanna Jäger, Professional coach, Germany)


Europamobil 2017

2017 kehrt Europamobil nach Deutschland zurück. Vom 4. bis zum 29. September werden 20 europäische Studierende Schulen in Brandenburg besuchen.

Ausschreibung Europamobil 2017

Anmeldeformular Europamobil

Europa Mobil kurz gefasst

Die Europamobil-Broschüre



Film Europamobil

Europamobil 2016 ist vorbei

Dieses Jahr war das Europamobil vom 11. September - 06. Oktober 2016 in Masowien unterwegs.

“Joining the team of Europe-Mobile 2016 allowed me to truly experience what it means to be a European citizen and especially has increased my awareness of being part of a huge family called Europe.”
(Daniela Imeneo, Student, Italy)

„After this experience, I consider an exchange year somewhere in Europe.“ (Pupil)